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Easily integrate this safety feature-rich drive into the rest of your Ethernet/IP control network. The Kinetix 6500 high-performance servo can integrate with AC drives, I/O, smart actuators and any other Ethernet/IP connected device. Safety features include Safe Stop, Zero Speed Monitoring, Safe Direction Monitoring and Safe Maximum Acceleration Monitoring.
GuardPLC Safety controllers meet worldwide PLC standards and global standards for functional safety. This family is ideal for sensing speed, direction, zero-speed, temperature, pressure and flow applications.
Rockwell Automation has a list of safety function documents available to provide guidance for a specific safety function based on functional requirements, equipment selection, and performance level requirements. Click here to see the full list or contact your Rumsey Representative to learn more.

The Safebook 4 offers direction on the principles of machine safety, relevant standards and methods of safety implementation. Order your free copy or download one right now!

Demand for safer, more information-enabled machine designs are increasing. In this newsletter series, we will review the top five guiding principles to create a smart machine that is best aligned to your customers’ needs.
  1. Mitigate Safety and Security Risks
  2. Design for Information Availability
  3. Support Simplified Integration

  4. Deliver Real-time Diagnostics & Analytics

  5. Optimize Operational Efficiencies

Mitigate Safety and Security Risks with Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has put together a white paper on the five guiding principles to creating smart machines. This week, we feature products and services to Mitigate Safety and Security Risks. Click here to read the four-page overview.

Safety professionals can use Smart Manufacturing to improve safety, productivity and profitability. Your data can improve safety system visibility, understand safety risks, reduce safety related downtime, evaluate safety system use or misuse, and improve compliance.

June 6, 2017
12:00 PM EST
Learn how to use Load Observer and Adaptive Tuning to eliminate tuning procedures and tests during the commissioning process and achieve an effective level of machine performance, regardless of changing inertias, compliance, backlash, or mechanical degradation.
Thinking Outside the Enclosure: A New Approach to Safety

On-machine safety design benefits OEMs and end users by simplifying the design, start-up and trouble shooting of a machine. Learn more in this blog from Rockwell Automation.
A Holistic Approach to Security for OEMs
“A successful security program for OEMs encompasses the evaluation of risks, the application of a defense-in-depth approach, and the ability to protect from, detect and respond to security risks.” Read more in this blog from RockwellAutomation.
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